We can offer a variety of walks through paths and fields. See our video to see where the dogs are walked. (Off lead if owner's permission is given and the dog is well trained.)

Playtime can also be in our secure exercise area.

We strive on providing quality care for your dog.

Our customers have come to expect only the best!

Environment enrichment

  1. We excel in great walks as you can see in our video, this field is sheep fenced and secured at the gates.
  2. The dogs can also be lead walked using extendable leads or normal leads and harnesses, and spend time in the secure exercise areas.
  3. We do group walks or individual walks, whichever suits your dogs requirements.
  4. We have agility equipment and a good variety of play equipment.
  5. Within the kennels we sometimes use stuffed kongs, snuffle mats, treat puzzle balls/toys.
  6. Hiding treats in garden areas, scent work, fetch.
  7. Pool play in hot weather, frozen treats.