Daily Routine

We pride ourselves that we go the extra mile in giving our guests extra time with our daily routine, we have a sociable kennels set up and often we run dogs that we know well together, or we give shy, nervous dogs separate walks. Dogs are always walked never left alone for too long.

We also clean our kennels thoroughly with specialist disinfectants. 

We do an evening let out for each individual dog to check all is well before securing the kennels for the night.

Please see below...

We strive on providing quality care for your dog.

Our customers have come to expect only the best!


Building opened and dogs let out individually


Feeding Time /Medication/ Fresh water / Kennels deep cleaned

9am - 11am

At least 20 min walk in fields or 20 min in the exercise area with handler for playtime.

9.45am - 11am

Drop off / collection

11am - 12pm

Dogs left for quiet time to reduce stress.  General cleaning.

12pm - 1pm

Let out, Play time.  Each guest in outside exercise area or surrounding kennels

1pm - 2.30pm

Quiet time, Grooming as necessary.

2.30pm – 4/4.30pm

Exercise. At least a 20 min walk in fields or play time in exercise area with handler.

4pm - 5pm (Winter 1 Nov - 1 Mar) 5pm - 6pm (Summer 1 March - 1 Nov)


Drop off / collection

4-6 pmFeeding, fresh water, Medication

5/6pm - 9pm

Quiet time


5 mins in outside exercise area. Treat and cuddle before bed!


Kennels secured for the night