Ted's Tale

Here is our original popular tale about how the kennels were built and how we started up Wetherham Kennels.

We strive on providing quality care for your dog.

Our customers have come to expect only the best!

Hello there, I'm Ted and here is my tale...


I've been living with my mum and dad (Nigel and Fredi) for six happy years. I looked out across the field and couldn't believe my eyested2.jpeg
ted3.jpegSo I took a stroll down for a closer look. I tried to tell Nigel I didn't need quite such a big hole for my bone!!
A few days later they dug me a new pathted4.jpeg
ted5.jpegIt wasn't long before they started filling in the hole with concrete. They called them footings but weren't very keen on letting me add my paw prints.
I had a great time playing with my new builder mates.ted6.jpeg
ted7.jpegThe walls seem to grow and grow quite quickly, I won't be able to jump over them soon. Mummy says health and safety won't allow it!!
I can't wait for all my new friends to come and stay.ted8.jpeg
ted9.jpegWhat's all this snow? My paws were getting chilly so I got the gang together and went to check out the underfloor heating...
Uh-oh, not much chance of snuggling up in the warm yet...ted10.jpeg
ted11.jpeg...but its lots of fun chasing the youngsters through all the doorways! I'll tell Fredi we were practising our agility.
Wow, it's taking shape now.ted12.jpeg
ted13.jpegLook, they have put on the roof trusses.
I know I'll go and get Jo and Ben to show you inside...ted14.jpeg
ted15.jpegThere's Jo, and you can just about see Ben in the doorway.
I wonder if they can give Scoop, Muck and Dizzy a call. Bob, Wendy and his machine team would be a great help... Can we fix it?ted16.jpeg
ted17.jpegCool, the roof is on... that will be a good place to hide next time it rains!
They are getting bigger I wonder what the side bits are. I had better have a closer look...ted18.jpeg
ted19.jpegBlimey, they look a bit posh, it looks like each kennel has its own conservatory. I might have to move in!
ted24.jpegLook who I caught pinching wood!
ted29.jpegThings are really coming together now, the meshing is up and the paths laid I finally managed to leave my mark on the place!!
I finally managed to leave my mark on the place!ted30.jpeg
ted31.jpegThere's Nigel burying the drains and doing a spot of landscaping.
The outside is rendered and they have started decorating insideted32.jpeg
ted33.jpegOh no, it looks like my paw print will be covered with tiles...I'll have to keep an eye out for some more wet cement!
Are you ready for some new pictures. I've had some friends over to stay..ted34.jpeg
ted41.jpegThis is how the kennels look on the inside
Every dog that comes to visit has a chart on the kennel, it is a bit like when humans stay in hotels, they choose breakfast/papers and hang it on the door with the do not disturb sign!ted42.jpeg
ted43.jpegI've heard they've even got someone in to check for health and safety... wait a minute I recognize him, that's Ben. Blimey Fredi has taught him to sit...
... and lie downted44.jpeg
ted45.jpeg...he looks a bit confused about "roll over", I'll have to give him a few lessons.
There he is again in the outside run...what is he doing with the wheelbarrow?ted46.jpeg
ted47.jpegNo chance of escape with that fence.
We've even got posh new signs so our visitors can find us!ted48.jpeg
ted49.jpegThings have been really busy down at the kennels, we have had a great time with all the guests, you won't believe how fit Fredi is getting with all the walking and the dogs just love it...
Here are the finished kennels, well almost finished, Nigel has seeded the banks so it shouldn't be long before the grass grows...well as long as I stop digging holes!ted50.jpeg
ted51.jpegI just love tearing around in the exercise area
Here is the kitchen and grooming area. I'm not so keen on bath time but some of my mates love it!ted52.jpeg
ted53.jpegAnd here is what I thought was going to be my own private kennel, I like to think of it as the penthouse suite, the views are great. Fredi tells me it's there just in case any dogs are poorly!