The Team

We have a great team at Wetherham kennels with a mix of interests in a variety of dog activities, everyone works hard out in the elements every day.

We love the dogs that we accommodate, and enjoy them all, with each character that comes in.

We strive on providing quality care for your dog.

Our customers have come to expect only the best!

Fredi and Nigel

Nigel and Frederica Harris are the owners of Wetherham kennels and are passionate about dogs, we have owned and looked after many different shaped, sized and breeds of dogs over the years. We have also successfully bred three generations of flatcoated retrievers.

Fredi shows dogs and is presently doing her good citizen obedience awards with all her dogs and also enjoys agility with one of her Flatcoated retrievers.

Jossie Tobin 

Jossie is our Manager at Wetherham Kennels and has a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, she is full time and has years of experience working at boarding kennels. She loves dogs and is a great asset to our team.

Fiona Curnow-Moore

Fiona is a supervisor working full time at Wetherham. She has level three qualification in Animal management, and a real passion for dogs. Also several years of experience working at boarding kennels.

Lauraine Maddox

Lauraine works on a part time basis as a kennels technician with ourselves and has a great passion and love for dogs, particularly Border Collies. She is a graduate and is looking to expand her knowledge by undertaking a Dog Grooming Course.  

Jill Irwin

Kennels technician, part time at Wetherham, Jill has a family history of showing dogs and a true love for dogs and animals including Arab horses which is her other passion. She also has been involved in rescuing greyhounds.

Evangeline Humphries

Part time kennels technician, currently studying at Newquay, doing a degree in Animal behaviour.


Our very useful, maintenance man and gardener. A real character!